I’m just saying we have to look deeper. But if you want to see where a 22-year-old is getting his ideas, you look to the internet, not cable tv or Rush Limbaugh.All we’re trying to do is to make sure that those decisions that are being made in the private marketplace aren’t discriminating against people because they’re already sick; that they are making sure that people get a good deal from the health care dollars that they are spending.When you get the people like Jared and others who may be predisposed to be violent for a lot of different reasons, it can sort of legitimize all that for them. It’s not the moviemaker’s fault, it’s not the talk show host’s fault but it does have some effect on people like him.I don’t believe the Government is going to do anything. President Obama or whoever is sitting up there is not going to lift a finger to make these people leave. They say it is impossible to know where all of the illegals are, yet HR Block and other tax offices, handle thousands of ITIN’s each year. An ITIN is an identifying process for illegals that lets them work, file taxes and get a refund back. We sent those checks to local addresses, that are a part of a permanent record. We can’t find them? The irs did!Unfortunately, insurance rates go up every year. A good broker can shop for their clients, yearly so they do not have too. Sometimes after twelve months you need to change carriers, sometimes you do not. The broker often times begins this process before the renewal letters even come out. That provides the client with enough time to find the right plan. That makes dealing with a broker more convenient.