Concern For Health Care Or Racism At Recent Town Hall Meetings?

And you can never go wrong when you speak about the well-being of our children. However, Obama fails to mention that he is the soul responsible for putting a burden upon our children and future grandchildren.

Recently Congressman G. K. Butterfield held an open meeting over the health care reform bill, Rep. Brad Miller faced a death threat over anger surrounding Obama’s health care plan and Obama himself visited Broughton High school to face difficult questions surrounding the plan. The health care reform bill has two sides to contend with and a long hill to travel.

I will not look down on anyone that read this post and not notice the issues that I am banging my head into a wall about. I understand that there are many people that would not have the keen eye that I have for picking out issues like this. I understand, now, that CAUSA, Oregon’s Immigrant Rights Coalition, that they obviously must not have the keen eye that I do for picking out issues in reporting about the passing of the House health care bill.

Obama has promised to run up trillion-dollar deficits as long as he is president. Doesn’t that mean we are already out of money? Is he going to print the trillions of additional dollars and run up inflation or borrow them from China?

So let’s make sure, for example, that if you go to a hospital, you get one of those operations that you discussed, and it turns out that two weeks later you’ve got to be readmitted because they didn’t do it right the first time, that the hospital has to pay some penalty for that, or at least they’re not being reimbursed as much as a hospital who gets it right the first time. That’s an example of changing incentives that can save us money.

Until we become personally affected by financial loss and until our own family member faces a death sentence without any means of affording to live, we neither sympathize or empathize with the plight of our fellow Americans who are facing mountains of debt – we “apathize” – a new term I coined that defines people who really don’t care UNTIL they become personally affected.

If we are indeed a banana republic, then a company (or a person for that matter) can arrive laden with coins, bestow them on someone hungry for coins, and the donor can then expect to have his will be done by the recipient of those coins. In short, if we are a banana republic, then the money filling political coffers is not donations, it is bribes. In such a system, if Mr. Obama took their money, he owes them. Are we a banana republic? Does he “owe” his donors? Is it tit for tat in American politics after all?

This plan will have no effect on co-pays that you may have. It only applies to the hospital deductible. I suggest calling your insurance company and ask them to give you the rates.