Fox: Health Care Press Conference Not Important

In my opinion, we are not (yet) a banana republic. Ethically, then, no matter whose money Mr. Obama took for what reason, Mr. Obama is free to act as he sees fit in the best interests of the nation as a whole, not of the donor in particular. If the money was a gift.and perhaps that’s a question we should be asking all those big donors, and not just health care.

Legislators home for summer recess are having a hard time talking to their constituents in public. When they attempt to have a public meeting about health care, they get shouted down. When they attempt to appear in public, they get shouted down. It doesn’t seem to matter which side of the debate the lawmakers fall on. Anti-reform conservatives are coming out of the woodwork to help the insurance companies and hospitals keep their death grip on Americans’ finances.

In 1966 Medicare cost billion. The House Ways and means committee projected that the cost in 1990 would be billion. The actual cost was billion.

health care reform is a tough call. We either have to make a plan to send them all home, which won’t happen ever, or we have to figure out how to keep them healthy. Which would mean letting them have access to health options. What are we going to do, take buses around to their houses, load them up and drive them back to Mexico? No! It ain’t gonna happen, people!

First off, CAUSA, Oregon’s Immigrant Rights Coalition, states that this was a, “Bipartisan bill.” A bipartisan bill is one that would have equal support between both major parties in government. Both the Democrats and Republicans in government would have to agree on the bill. The passing of the house health care bill was accomplished by having a strong majority of Democrat’s votes, and one Republican vote. That does not make this a bipartisan vote, or bill.

The question is whether they think there is enough support for Obamacare to run it through with a procedural end-run like reconciliation or the so-called nuclear option. The problem is that once that is done, filibusters are gone. It will not take 60 votes to get the next GOP nominee for a court confirmed. Despite the debacles in 2004, 2006 and 2008, the GOP will again someday have a majority in Congress and will win the White House again. If the Democrats overplay their hands, 1993 might not repeat. They may get health care passed just as they passed Clinton’s unpopular 1993 tax bill with pressure, coercion and bribes. But 1994 might repeat as well. Remember the Contract with America? Remember the GOP taking the House for the first time in a generation?

Keep in mind, finally — and this is the last point that I’ll make — that you have a bunch of countries that have systems in which government is involved but you still have a thriving private insurance market — The netherlands being a good example. Everybody is covered. Everybody has care. The government has regulations in there. But it does not somehow take over the entire private insurance market. So I just want people to understand nobody is talking about a government takeover of health care. I want to repeat that one last time.

So what finally made Obama toss the nicotine sticks? His daughters, of course! He wanted to be able to tell Malia and Sasha Obama that their papa was sans cigarettes.