Health Care Realities Scarier Than Right

In no other wealthy nation on earth do we have the resources in abundance to treat our fellow human beings with the dignity they deserve but deny them a life simply because they can’t afford to live.

From my experience of living in Texas for 21 yrs, they will trash every place they live in. They send their money back or live like rats to save it, to go back. They don’t Invest in America. They still feel like they were wronged, many years ago.They are still upset about the Alamo and what America took from them. We OWE them the right to come here and not try to become citizens. Now, we have over 12 MILLION of them living here & getting income tax refunds, getting food stamps for the house full of children, conveniently born here, many after getting pregnant in Mexico and wading across to have their babies.

Senator B: Greta, President has been pushing a socialist agenda and is leading this country to the far left. My party has said from the beginning that the health care reform bill in its current form is an expansion of government which will lead to the higher premium taxes and a ballooned deficit.

However, if we assume that we are putatively not a banana republic, Mr. Obama (or anyone else) is free to accept largesse as a donation ? a gift ? if that is how it was intended and go merrily on his or her way, carrying out any programs he or she wishes, after sending a lovely thank you note.

In the past decade I’ve gotten five new grandchildren and lost my father. I’ve closed a business and started a new job I like most of the time. Tried to move up the ladder but may try checking into new adventures. Many changes and mostly good.

First off, CAUSA, Oregon’s Immigrant Rights Coalition, states that this was a, “Bipartisan bill.” A bipartisan bill is one that would have equal support between both major parties in government. Both the Democrats and Republicans in government would have to agree on the bill. The passing of the house health care bill was accomplished by having a strong majority of Democrat’s votes, and one Republican vote. That does not make this a bipartisan vote, or bill.

Using the internet to purchase health insurance has some advantanges, it might save you some time, especially if you spend a lot of time commuting through the Chicago area traffic. You might even be able to compare plans and get estimated premiums.