Health Care Realities Scarier Than Right

Again, in the phrase above, Obama attempts to trick the public. This sales pitch is about Obamacare. This is another attempt to wave one hand to distract your attention while the other hand is doing something else. Our sale man-in-chief does this in every speech.

Is there any more evidence on the government’s ability to estimate costs. Yes. Cash for Clunkers. Their original estimate was that the program could be completed for billion. After that estimate was quickly shown to be wrong, they three an additional billion at the problem.

Senator B: Well, Greta, I cannot argue with what Senator A has said. Perception is key. The shirt does appear to be blue, navy blue in fact, but it may not be.

I’m just saying we have to look deeper. But if you want to see where a 22-year-old is getting his ideas, you look to the internet, not cable tv or Rush Limbaugh.

By now everyone has an opinion and ideas about the recent health care reform passed by President Obama and the Democrats. For some, it was long overdue, while for others it was simply another horrible liberal policy forced down the throat of Americans. As for whether or not it would be good for the Nation, well it certainly would not be any worse than it is now. One thing is certain, something had to happen.

Senator A: Well, Greta, the President has always been mindful of what the American people want and that is why he has been working overtime to get Congress to pass a Bill that will benefit all America.

In my opinion, we are not (yet) a banana republic. Ethically, then, no matter whose money Mr. Obama took for what reason, Mr. Obama is free to act as he sees fit in the best interests of the nation as a whole, not of the donor in particular. If the money was a gift.and perhaps that’s a question we should be asking all those big donors, and not just health care.