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Despite my financial situation, I made sure my children never felt poor, because I liked to believe we were rich in spirit and rich in love. I loved my children very much and made sure they ate well and always had clothes and shoes to wear and beds to sleep upon. I saw to it that they became involved in sporting activities that appealed to them, because their health, education, and well-being was of utmost importance to me.

So let’s make sure, for example, that if you go to a hospital, you get one of those operations that you discussed, and it turns out that two weeks later you’ve got to be readmitted because they didn’t do it right the first time, that the hospital has to pay some penalty for that, or at least they’re not being reimbursed as much as a hospital who gets it right the first time. That’s an example of changing incentives that can save us money.

Hostess: Senator A, I understand that following the occurrence of angry demonstrations in your state demanding that you vote against the Healthcare Bill or be voted out of office, you are now leaning towards a “No” vote. Senator A, will you be voting “No” on the Healthcare Bill?

Recently Congressman G. K. Butterfield held an open meeting over the health care reform bill, Rep. Brad Miller faced a death threat over anger surrounding Obama’s health care plan and Obama himself visited Broughton High school to face difficult questions surrounding the plan. The health care reform bill has two sides to contend with and a long hill to travel.

Have you looked this behemoth up on the internet? It has over 1,000 printed pages. If you want a copy, according to one site, you can pay .95 and get one. Most websites will give you “insights” into the bill. Of course, depending on their point of view, they will steer you toward what they want you to read.

When we fought the Iraq war, we made that decision. We didn’t pay for it. When we cut taxes on some of the wealthiest Americans, we did not compensate by making cuts in programs that were comparable. So what that has all added up to is, we’ve got a structural deficit that over the course of the next 10 years is about trillion.

The average age of a Fox News viewer: 65 –the oldest audience in cable news. Think I’m picking on Fox? Not really. CNN’s average viewer? 63. MSNBC, 59.

So why are the insurance companies so dead set against it? Because they know that it will be far less expensive, far better plan. Basically it comes down to this: They don’t want the competition!