Healthcare Reform Needs To Start With Your Health

And you can never go wrong when you speak about the well-being of our children. However, Obama fails to mention that he is the soul responsible for putting a burden upon our children and future grandchildren.

Who is in front of us in terms of life expectancy you ask? How about Cuba at 37th, or Malta at 21, larger yet, what about Singapore at 15th and Spain at 6th. Who is on top? Japan is number one. So, it appears as if we are not number one and needed to do something to change it. Only time can tell if this was the right bill and the proper fix for what ails us. Hopefully it can be, or we must find ourselves back where we started, and that is no excellent for anyone.

This has also been largely ignored by the so called “main stream media”, which is corporate owned. Also ignored is the fact that the number of poor closely mirrors the number of uninsured in america.

Before we get into Washington politics, a quick word has to be raised about this election. The decision of voters to put Scott Brown into office is so full of irony that it is almost too much to believe. Brown was voted into the senate seat vacated when Ted Kennedy died of cancer. Kennedy, of course, was a long serving Democrat who was a huge proponent of health care reform. Unless Brown takes a left turn in his political beliefs, his election will effectively keep the Democrats from reforming health care on a partisan basis. Throw in the fact that Brown considers himself a family values man, but posed naked in Cosmopolitan and you just have to shake your head!

Hostess: Senator A, the president has called a summit to attempt to push healthcare reform forward. Do you think this shows that the president understands that the American people want both sides to work together to find a compromise and do what’s right for the country?

The Government will never work too hard to send them back because they are “working at jobs, Americans won’t do”! That is our fault. We wanted the easy, good life. We didn’t want to get our hands dirty. We gave out money and food stamps like candy to anyone who didn’t want to work. The government isn’t going to do anything else either, because they are making money. The big factor. If you multiply the tax money the Government keeps by 12 million, that is a huge chunk they would have to give up, if they sent them all back. Duh! Red Truck!

Because this pill is not considered a contraceptive most insurers have placed it in a special therapeutic class of its own. Most major insurers do cover the cost of the pill and its administration.