Tanning Tax In Health Care Bill Angers ‘Tanorexic American’

Note that i said conservatives, and not just Republicans. If all the conservative or “Blue Dog” Democrats stop objections, the Republicans would be a non-issue. Given the way they are self-destructing, that may be a foregone conclusion anyway. Time will tell.

The pill may only be used for termination of early pregnancy which is the U.S. is defined as up to 49 days. Under the guideline set by the F.D.A. administration of the drug should include 3 doctor’s visits and a counseling session. The doctor’s visits plus the counseling and the price of the drug itself will be covered by insurance. Depending on the location, the cost of a pharmaceutical abortion will run about 0 to 00 and is generally comparable to the cost of a surgical abortion.

The morals and ethics continued to flow through my mind as I continued to look at the front page. Insurers, why would they take aim at health care reform? I have never seen a health insurance company close its doors for charging too little in premiums. Insurance company policies have their own moral and ethical issues. Companies will deny, deny, deny procedures that will vastly improve the health and well being of their policyholders. They will not even issue policies for people with pre-existing conditions. Did you know that a pregnancy is a pre-existing condition? So, insurance companies are choosing to put their profits and they do have profits ahead of the wellbeing of the American public. Of course they don’t want health care reform they would lose policy holders, and have stricter guidelines.

As a country, we were suffering from a loss of affordable health care. We were also suffering at the hands of greedy pharmaceutical and insurance companies whose profits extended into the billions of dollars while families watched their children die because they couldn’t get care. Hospitals turned patients away because they either didn’t have insurance or didn’t have the proper type of insurance.

Different researchers have examined different aspect of Medicare costs but all of them peg the growth in to be at least 7 times higher than projected. Remember that the next time someone in government tells you how much Universal health care will cost in 10 years.

Now, I just want to point out that i partially answered the question earlier by explaining that certainly they can’t compete if the taxpayer is standing behind the public option just shoveling more and more money at it, right? That’s certainly not fair. And so I’ve already said I would not be in favor of a public option of that sort because that would just mean more expenses out of our pockets and we wouldn’t be seeing much improvement in quality.

The Government will never work too hard to send them back because they are “working at jobs, Americans won’t do”! That is our fault. We wanted the easy, good life. We didn’t want to get our hands dirty. We gave out money and food stamps like candy to anyone who didn’t want to work. The government isn’t going to do anything else either, because they are making money. The big factor. If you multiply the tax money the Government keeps by 12 million, that is a huge chunk they would have to give up, if they sent them all back. Duh! Red Truck!

That statement is a fact. At a time where our economy continues to sink and his policies are a main force behind the sinking, Obama continues to suffer from ADHD. Remember the old adage: “Its the economy stupid?” This should be Obama’s only concern in 2009.